Talking Brains is an exhibition where technology is at the service of communication and learning. During the visit, the public is encouraged to use an RFID card to interact with the installatons and get personalized information. This card allows the different interactives and multimedia to address the visitor in her language and use her name. Furthermore, it registers the visitor's information and the materials that she generates during the visit. This way, if the visitor wishes, she can get a summary of the visit in her email.

The central installation of the exhibition, the brain dome, is in itself a singular piece of work regarding the production, the technology and the contents. With over 450 unique, laser cut metal pieces and over 8,000 electrical connections among them, the surface of the dome is illuminated with a led mapping that simulates the activity of the brain while it is in its so-called resting state.

Inside the dome the visitors can enjoy an immersive experience in the form of a documentary on brain and language presented using virtual reality glasses.