The rhythm of thought

This installation offers the possibility to visualize one's own brain activity in real time using electroencephalography while conducting three linguistic tasks that will be used to gather data in an actual experiment. To do so, the visitor just has to wear a neoprene helmet with attached electrodes and sit comfortably in a dedicated space. The three tests take around ten minutes to complete and can be done in Catalan, Spanish, English and Catalan Sign Language.

In half a second

A table with eight psycholinguistic experiments is set up to explore each of the subroutines the brain undertakes to complete the full linguistic analysis of each proference it perceives. From phonological analysis to the integration of syntax and semantics at sentence level, the visitor can experiment some classical effects that are very informative about the processes of the linguistic brain.

Cycle of talks: The Language Cycle

Talking Brains is more than an exhibition. It also hosts a number of related events and workshops. During the fall of 2017 a cycle of divulgative talks will take place in the museum. Leading researches of the international scenes will participate. The program will be soon available in this website: stay tuned!